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Do you have some fabrics in hand and want to find a supplier to produce same?

Do you want to searching more suppliers to supply the requested fabrics?

Do you want to know the market of the fabric and the fashion trend?

Considering the variety of fabrics, it is not easy to get all information in short time, even in the help of Internet.


But Intertextile may help you realize all.

Intertextile has 4 fairs in the world: Intertextile Paris, Intertextile New York, intertextile Shenzhen, Intertextile Shanghai, which is the best choice to attend.

intertextile hongyi booth 2018

▲intertextile hongyi booth 2018


Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics is the world’s largest apparel fabrics and accessories fairs. It held biannually in March (Spring Edition) and October (Autumn Edition).

Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics attracts thousands of apparel fabrics’ and accessories’ suppliers as well as over 60,000 of garment manufacturer, trading company, retail chain store, department store, buying office, wholesaler & distributor etc. from around the globe every year.

The statistical data from 2017 is as below

4,538 exhibitors from 32 countries and regions

11 halls across 276,000 sqm*

77,883 visitors from 102 countries and regions

I visit many exhibitions some in textile and some in other industry, but until now, none can match the Intertextile Shanghai in the exhibitors and visitors

The official web site of Intertextile:

▲intertextile hall 1

intertextile hall 2

▲intertextile hall 2

▲intertextile foreign area


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